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Resources for you


If you know something or need to know something , try wikiHow.

This is a great resource to learn a variety of skills in the "how to" arena (step by step pictures) 

This  "how to" site is invaluable for a start up or small business and also to teach what you know.

The cost? FREE 

Fast tip** Share your new found knowledge with business contacts & clients. Adding value to grow your relationships. 


Need Content for a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin page? 

Easily create a:

  • Facebook content page
  • Twitter page
  • Instagram page
  • Etsy page
  • Visual picture- using thousands of free stock photo's

It's FREE (with an opt in to upgrade if you wish) However,  the free version works just fine. 

Click this link to check out Canva  for yourself.


Not sure how to send out your content automatically?

Try a FREE 30 day trial for this "set it and forget it" program.

Check out Buffer to see how it can help your startup or non profit business.

Ideal for a startup or home based business with little to no budget who needs a time effective solution for posting online automatically.

Freelance your Work on Upwork

Can you? 

  • Write
  • Proof read
  • Design logo's
  • Voice over talent's
  • Have an Ebook to sell
  • Create a website
  • Design clothing
  • Be a "virtual" assistant

The Upwork site is for buying & selling  online services. 

With over 100,000 users and growing it's the  perfect spot to find or sell an online skill.

Click Bank & Freelancer

Have a popular business or large following? Get paid to partner with a business who's services your followers would be interested in anyway.

With Clickbank and Freelancer  (Also a great place to find remote/home based  work) and also affiliate for) a client clicks on these links( if it transfers to a sale) you get paid an "affiliate" fee.

Membership is FREE with access to tons of "links" to providers that are in your niche. 

***Fast tip***make sure you are interested or invested in the topic you affiliate for. 

Best days & times to post to social media platforms

  1. Facebook: Thurs/Friday 6 am to 8 am
  2. Twitter: Wed/Sat/Sun  9 am - 3 pm
  3. Instagram: Wed/Thurs/Fri 6 am - noon
  4. LinkedIn: Tuesday  10 am-11 am
  5. Pinterest: Mon (10-11 pm) /Tues 9-10 pm and Friday 10-11 am

Keep your niche or "ideal client's" habits and interests in mind when posting.  Ensuring maximum impact & optimizing the best saturation rates.

Be sure to choose interesting , relevant , eye catching quality content that "speaks" to your audiences interest's and needs .