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Company Policies & Procedures


Mandatory Project Planner Questionnaire , Contract & Billing Info

Step# 1   Project Planner Questionnaire   This identifies your business "energizers". 

What it does

  • Determines budget
  • Sets timelines
  • Gives insight on your business culture 
  • Gauges your experience  working with our type of company
  • Identifies main  goals 
  • Defines scope of work involved
  • Tells us your preferred communication styles
  • Shows us your serious about moving forward!

Step# 2 - for "Monthly plan's" -Mandatory  3 month contract

*******Individual project's -basic work contract required********

This makes sure we remain on task and we both know what to expect from each other.  From communication, deliverables, timelines and even payments.  This means no surprises or guessing and we put our focus were it belongs- on your company!

Real growth takes time, monthly contracts should have goals and tracking in place, and sometimes even a new direction that shows better results. 

                         Company billing policies & Procedures

RETAINERS: Monthly plans require a (minimum) 25% of total monthly invoices prior to any work being started . 

Single projects (sample) Facebook/LinkedIn page) 50% is due up front with "milestone" payments as work or deliverables are complete. Sites will not go "live" until final payment is processed.

Retainer payments cannot be accepted without a signed contract in place.

MONTHLY PLANS: are billed automatically to a company or personal credit or Visa Debit card on a 21 day cycle with the first due on day service begins.

DECLINED AUTO PAYMENTS: Will result in automatic stoppage of work, and no new work being done, until a new card is given or immediate email transfer is completed with new card given. 

Auto payments over 30 days unprocessed (due) are susceptible to an automatic 5% "late" fee, and may also result in suspension of Websites, hosting & domain services (if applicable). 


Visa/Mastercard/American Express or Visa Debit. 

The amount will be:

  • fixed, that is, the same amount and date every month

Card will be kept on file with your pre-authorized debit agreement and will be billed automatically on a 21 day cycle from date service begins . 

Receipt will automatically be generated upon payment posting to your account.

Cash or Debit accepted in person for retainer portion only for onsite sign ups only, with signed contract.

                               ***We do not accept cheques *** 

Typical additional fee's- customers are responsible for all hosting & domain fee's, including renewals , as well as any Facebook, Twitter or Instagram ad spend (unless otherwise indicated in contract).


Client Responsibilities & Deliverables

To ensure your project or plan goes off without too many hitches , we need your input! and a solid deadline to aim for!

To alleviate unnecessary delays to your important work we have included a "restart" fee if a project goes past our projected dates.

When we don't hear back, we worry! A healthy and fruitful business relationship (like any others) begin and end with consistent and necessary communication. That's why we ask for an alternate contact in case anything that "just can't wait" comes up.

Any and all final deliverables including but not limited to : 

  • Website sign ins
  • Domain & hosting sign ins
  • Social media page codes
  • Email credentials
  • Start of brand monitoring/responding
  • Release of custom content ownership
  • Blog posts/article creation
  • Custom content

Will not be released until final payments are received. The above are the intellectual property of Stark Enterprise Marketing and cannot be publicly advertised, used, sold, changed,  forwarded or accessed until final bill is received and processed.

Unless otherwise requested in writing or placed in contract , it is agreed that all content and material will be used as work or CV samples to showcase our paid work to others.

Refund & Cancellation Policies

As an internet marketing company, Stark Enterprise Marketing cannot issue refunds for services that we render. 

This includes website designs, internet marketing services, photographs, social media, graphics work, printed work, logo work/creation and content writing.

Stark Enterprise Marketing claims no control over the policies, and practices, of third party companies/websites such as, but not limited to, Google, Google my Business, Yelp,  yellow pages or similar sites or directories. 

Stark Enterprise Marketing has no control over third party social media companies and practices such as, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or similar businesses.

Client assumes all risk, responsibility for all client website(s) content, photos, social media content, and graphics. Client also assumes all risk, and responsibility, for content that is posted to any social media site, by Stark Enterprise Marketing, on the client’s behalf. 

Monthly Marketing Plans (Cancellation Policy)

Stark Enterprise Marketing clients on an ongoing monthly marketing plan may cancel their plan, with 30 days prior written notice

Cancellation only applies after the 30-day cancellation waiting period is over. Client will be charged for any work done during the 30 cancellation period.

We do not refund partial month payments. We do not refund individual projects once contract is signed and work has begun. 

We reserve the right to cancel a contract with 30 days written notice to the company or person rightfully representing the company. 



Included in all Packages & Projects

One 25 minute phone or face to face meeting or consultation is included in your monthly package or individual services.

Any additional meetings or calls (unless otherwise stated in contract, initiated by us or classified as a true emergency) are chargeable at a rate of $75 per meeting each 30 minute interval and payable in advance of the meeting.

Why? so we can be sure to take equally good care of every single customer , by giving them the time they deserve &  allotting the right focus to everyone we do business for!