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About Debra Stark

For years making money at my pc for someone else was accepted as the "norm".


Well, (truth be told) the "norm" was never really a friend of mine anyway!

I began to notice that the companies I came across (who grudgingly embraced the now vital social media marketing arena) 

Usually shared these pain points:

  • An in house (non marketing employee) with a full day already, "fitting" in ads.
  • Hired a big outside agency- spending thousands on non targeted volume based campaigns
  • Sales "program" installs -disguised as "marketing" help:)
  • To many "yes" men (and women of course:) nodding away and scampering off to appease the "bosses great idea" without question.
  • Poor or no planning (target audience?-SEO? what's that?) 
  • Little or no comment monitoring or responding (bye bye customer & 50 friends)
  • Lack of consistency
  • Releasing campaigns online without informing the affected response staff (surprise! think quick!)
  • Big budget's for start ups or small companies with no clear goals, targets or response plans in place
  • Ignoring the customer after the sale, then retargeting the ignored or unhappy customer to try and sell them again (this one boggles my mind)
  • Unhappy/ignored staff. Your staff and their family & friends are ALSO your customers. They can be your biggest supporters or your worst nightmare
  • Very few long term clients-the focus was removed off of truly pleasing them and making them brand loyal. Focus was on sales, not customer satisfaction. 

All now combined to make YOU now  a number to them, in a sea of endless choices only a click away..

I was tired just watching it all and figured a lot of  business owners were too. They were getting tired of riding the debt train to the next big marketing company . 

Losing their power, the clients unique input . Hoping for results and losing hard won profits, sleepless nights, relationship breakdowns, small pay cheques, long hours and upset customers. 

For what? All of the above are in your control. You either change it or it will change you. So I decided to put the focus back where it does everyone the most good, the customer.

Old fashioned ? perhaps:) Effective? You bet your bank account:)

What brought you here?



Awhile back, I decided "norm" and myself needed to part ways. 

I started fine tuning those strong skill sets in sales , customer service and web based online assistance to enable me to lift up other business's where I believe they deserve to be.

Adding onto my arsenal as I went.

Turns out those years in front of the pc taught me quite a few valuable lessons, like tenacity, accountability, consistency, determination and perseverance 

Those testing and sometimes trying times gave me the extra back round and confidence resulting in my mindset shift . Enabling me to move away from a structured office to an online business.

Why pick us?


We don't believe in cookie cutter plans for you. Every company has unique experiences, ideas and brands.

When you can't be there, we can be your eyes and ears for those clients who can't wait.

We take your business as seriously as our own, ensuring you are represented professionally, skillfully and tactfully.

Your online presence and growth is the most important part of what we do.

Let us focus on growing your brand while you do what you do best!

Let's talk about your business! 

Email me today at: debra@starkenterprisemarketing.com 

"Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today" 

-Benjamin Franklin