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Cross Concept (PSA Solutions)

 It’s Time to Streamline…

CrossConcept launched CrossConcept Continuum solution in 2017. 

CrossConcept Continuum contains a carefully curated feature set with only the tools that service organizations actually use. Its user interface is laser-focused on minimizing clicks and on being intuitive.

 Front-line employees find it helpful to their personal needs, rather than an imposition by the back office. This focus on effective simplicity colors not only the CrossConcept Continuum product but all aspects of doing business with our company.

We truly believe our clients' success is our success!

We are offering all new clients a free 2-week trial with no contract obligations. This is a great opportunity for any business to try out the system and decide if PSA is for you!

To book a free 15-minute consultation, email: marketing@crossconceptinc.com or call: 1-888-528-3898. 

It’s Time to Streamline…

 The Future of Professional Services Automation is ...Simple!

Manage projects, resources, Time sheets, Expenses, and financials in the worlds most user-friendly PSA software!

Affiliate Disclosure Statement:

Some of the links within this page are affiliate links, this means when (and if) you make a purchase from the affiliate company named on the page  Stark Enterprise Marketing will earn a commission.

We have however chosen them based on quality of services and value we believe will be brought to potential clients, and not for any monetary fee's we may receive for recommending  these companies.

Why Choose us?



  • Our basic plan is just $699 a month, that's money in your bank! 
  • Get a years worth of marketing in one month
  • Save thousands by not having an inhouse employee
  • Small budget? Lets customize an affordable plan to suit you 

Safe and Secure


Feel secure with payments processed with:

  • PayPal
  • Visa / Mastercard/ Amex
  • Interac E transfer 

We believe in PCI compliance and include:

  • Detailed invoicing via email/mobile
  • Easy & secure pay button to your mobile phone

Efficient & Committed


Our commitment to 

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Time sensitive goals

Inclusive of:

  • Monitoring comment's
  • Contest entry tracking
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Sales tracking

Why outsource my social media?

Why wouldn't you?


Response timing to customers is everything! 

  • Customers want immediate answers, not a voicemail
  • Online clients expect a response within 4 hours 
  • Expand your reach from local to international 
  • We now have only 7 seconds to grab online attention 

Clients see so many "self serving" "generic" ads every day.

  • Engaging them in your brand ensures an  "experience" increasing your amp rate (shares with friends)
  • Target the audience who's actually buying
  • 92% of people trust a friends recommendation for purchasing a product or trying a company over a direct ad (Nielson)

Keep your money where it belongs, with your company.

  • Outsourcing saves on those big marketing costs
  • More directed focus on your company  
  • Hiring "in house" can cost over 55,000 yr


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