Main Services

Custom Website Creation

Website's (6 out of 10 expect one) -your competitors already have one, it's where your clients go to validate your online presence.

They look for a professional, interactive, easy to navigate site.

Clients will choose a business with a website over one who has none.

We build your custom site to your specifications that include planned hosting.    We also customize your budget as we go:)

Facebook Fan Pages

With over 1.94 billion users a properly targeted ad is priceless.

2nd to searching for a valid website. A potential client will search Facebook, along with Google.

The largest social networking site is used to personally & emotionally interact with others.

The right content and audience keeps client's engaged with your brand. Increasing your online presence significantly.

Twitter Pages

At over 317 million users & growing a short "tweet" can pack a lot of punch!

"Tweeters" expect relevant content and consistent posting. 

If your looking to target the 18-29 crowd, this may be the venue for your brand.

With texting being so popular , it's no wonder this short messenging platform is so widely used. 


With over 500 million users on this business to business platform here's the place to show your professional "chops".

If your target group is both males and females who earn over 75,000 on average, this is the place to be.

Over 57% of companies have a Linkedin company page. Most employers & potential business partners will source this 1st before most business dealings.

Over 70% of Linkedin users are from outside the U.S.  A great venue for networking and finding business partners & contacts. 

Instagram Page Creation

Instagram has over 700 million users with a large female following.

Pictures with short comments & the ability to "follow" a company or personality you resonate with.

The 18-29 female crowd is dominant here at 55%. Followed by the 30-49 yr crowd at 28%.

For business Instagram should target your specific clientele and company's who might be interested in your services.

Another social media platform where consistent, relevant posting can pay off.


Over 80 million users are on  Pinterest with 80% of "pinners" being female.

Users share visually dynamic content to discover new interests or find like minded members.

Over 67% of "pinners" are under 40 and over 60% are U.S based users.

These fans are looking for visually appealing content & unique brands to identify with & "pin" to their various groups.

A great place to advertise for a female audience who's income exceeds 55,000.

Websites & Extra Services

Custom Website with hosting & custom domain name

Our "start it up right site"- consists of a professional Website with hosting  and domain name 

Basic site includes:

  • Home/landing page (with up to 5 headers)
  • 10 pages of your choice 
  • Custom domain name 
  • Hosting
  • 6 custom content's for your site

Cost: $1,399 CA (+ tax)

The" add on" plan cost is $1,599 CA (+ tax) and includes: 

  • Responsive design (your site functions across tablets, mobile & desktops alike) 
  • Links to your social pages

Ask about Eccommerce options-Set up your own online store and take payments online!

Once your hosting or domain preset timeline expires with provider site, site transfers to client or can be maintained/renewed by us for a small monthly fee on expiry.

Website costs may vary & are dependent on the amount of work (moving logo's , adding header images, adding video's & the extent of customization required.

Radio voice over or YouTube video - are you?

  • Having a big sale
  • On-site celebrity
  • Big Event 
  • Store launch
  • Product Launch
  • Moving
  • Hiring

Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

Individual Custom Content ($55/hr)

Just need some content?

Customizable content pages which you own and can use on any of your social networks