Policies & Procedures

Mandatory Project Planner Questionaire , Contract & Billing Info

Step# 1   Project Planner Questionaire   This identifies your business "energizers" 

What it does

  • Determines budget
  • Sets timelines
  • Gives insight on your business culture 
  • Gauges your experience  working with our type of company
  • Identifies main  goals 
  • Defines scope of work involved
  • Tells us your preferred communication styles
  • Shows us your serious about moving forward!

Step# 2 - Mandatory  3 month contract

This makes sure we remain on task and we both know what to expect from each  other ,  from communication, deliverables, timelines down to invoicing. This means no surprises or guessing and we put our focus were it belongs- on your company!

Growth takes time, monthly contracts should have goals and tracking in place, and sometimes even a new direction that shows better results. 

Company billing policies & practices

RETAINERS: Monthly plans require a (minimum) 25% of total monthly invoices prior to any work being started . Single projects (sample) Facebook/Linkedin page) 50% is due up front with "milestone" payments as work or deliverables are complete. Retainer payments cannot be accepted without a contract in place.

MONTHLY PLANS: are invoiced each 1st or 15th of the month and are due within 7 days of due date on invoice. Unless other invoice arrangements have been agreed upon prior to work beginning. 

OVERDUE INVOICES: overdue by 15 calender days of the indicated due date  (without sufficient communication of when invoice will be paid) will result in automatic full stoppage of work-including any new requests- until full payment of any overdue invoices is received. Invoices over 30 days past indicated due date are subject to a 5% "late" fee, and may result in suspension of Websites, hosting & domain services. 

PREFERRED PAYMENT METHODS: Visa/Mastercard/American Express (card can be kept on file for auto billing), other accepted payments are: direct bank transfers via internet banking. 

CHEQUES- Accepted only on acceptable credit check and are to arrive in time to be processed before the invoice due date, with an agreed upon main point of contact . Dishonoured cheques will result in arranging a new payment method, full payment of missed invoice and any applicable NSF & bank fee's incurred by Stark Enterprise Marketing within 7 business days, 

Customers are responsible for all hosting & domain fee's, including renewals as well as any Facebook ad spend (unless otherwise indicated in contract).

Client Responsibilities & Deliverables

To ensure your project or plan goes off without too many hitches , we need your input! and a solid deadline to aim for!

To alleviate unnecessary delays to your important work we have included a "restart" fee if a project goes past our projected dates.

When we don't hear back, we worry! A healthy and fruitful business relationship (like any others) begin and end with consistent and necessary communication. That's why we ask for an alternate contact in case anything that "just can't wait" comes up.

Any and all final deliverables including but not limited to : 

  • Website sign ins
  • Domain & hosting sign ins
  • Social media page codes
  • Email credentials
  • Start of brand monitoring/responding
  • Release of custom content ownership
  • Blog posts/article creation

Will not be released until final payments are received. The above are the intellectual property of Stark Enterprise Marketing and cannot be publicly advertised, used, sold, changed,  forwarded or accessed until final bill is received and processed.

Included in all Packages & Projects

One 25 minute phone or face to face meeting or consultation is included in your monthly package or individual services.

Any additional meetings or calls (unless otherwise stated in contract, initiated by us or classified as a true emergency) are chargeable at a rate of $75 per meeting each 30 minute interval and payable in advance of the meeting.

Why? so we can be sure to take equally good care of every single customer , by giving them the time they deserve &  allotting the right focus to everyone we do business for!